One day workshop on essential Azure Monitoring skills with long-time Azure MVP and Regional Director Magnus Mårtensson.


There is only one thing you need to focus on in Azure in order to become a real Azure Wizard when it comes to Monitoring Solutions in the Azure Cloud! All your Cloud Application monitoring needs are collected in a service called Azure Monitor.

The purpose of Azure Monitor is to provide you with a Unified Monitoring experience for your applications whether they are deployed to Azure or on premises you can take advantage of these powerful services!

Within Monitor Microsoft has collected all relevant services for the monitoring space: Powerful Log and Metric services with Alerting capabilities. A log of the actions you perform in Azure (Activity Log) and information about Azure Resource Health and Planned Maintenance. On top of this base plate additional Insight services are added, such as most notably the Application Insight Service, Network, VM, Container Insights and more. From the same Monitor you can manage Auto Scaling, Usage and Estimated Cost. You can take advantage on Advisory Recommendations on how to optimize your Azure environments, and your Azure spend. But wait there’s more! Microsoft is introducing powerful tools for Azure Governance with Management Groups and Blueprints that allow you to apply the same settings for Monitoring across your whole organization, across all your subscriptions and for all your current and future Azure Resources.

At a recent Ignite tour Presentation 95% of the attendees with production services in Azure, but only 10% of the same audience had even looked at Azure Monitor! People don’t know that this service exists! There is a lot of power wasted in Monitor. With a lot of news and more coming most companies are under-utilizing its great potential. If you learn about Monitor, you will become an Azure Wizard empowered to find the illness in any Azure Solution and diagnose problems quickly and effortlessly! This will save your organization a lot of time and money and highly likely make you more successful!


For this workshop you need to bring your own laptop and have access to an Azure Subscription. If you don't already have an Azure Subscription you can create one through  


About the trainer

Magnus Mårtensson

Magnus Mårtensson works daily with global companies, banks and more to architect, build and maintain optimal solutions for the Cloud. He was the first to receive Azure MVP status in the Nordic countries which means it is not possible to have longer experience on the Platform. Magnus is a global speaker with over 15 years of international speaking experience and he passionately delivers sessions and training all around the world. Recently this course has shipped to Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Australia. Magnus is a featured speaker on the first speaker page at Microsoft Ignite 2018. He is an avid community supporter and visits schools for young learners wherever he gets a chance, for instance in India and Nepal. He is one of the initiators of the Global Azure Bootcamp – a massive annual Azure community day with over 15 000 attending around the world. You can safely say that Magnus is as passionate about learning and sharing knowledge as you can possibly be!

“Magnus is one of the very best MVP's I have seen in my 13 years at Microsoft. Magnus was one of two Azure MVP's of the year out of a group of over 100 top community influencers from around the world. So, Magnus occupies some rarefied air. Magnus brings technical knowledge and a thirst for new knowledge, that combined with two other key skills sets him and those like him, apart from everyone else. These skills include, the ability to teach others and share what is sometimes very difficult concepts and technical information, and an ability to motivate other people around him.”
– Mark Brown, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft