The number of data & analytics components available in Azure has exploded over the past couple of years - understanding which components should be in your toolbelt and what part each plays can be a daunting task, especially given the speed technology is advancing at. However, if you want to meet the challenges of the growing data landscape, you have to adopt distributed cloud architectures!


We have helped many of Microsoft's clients move their BI architectures to the cloud and we can guide you on that journey too, taking you through our recommended architecture and explaining the common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid. There are many learnings of traditional "Big Data" that we can apply when designing our platform, we'll take you through them so you're ready for any data problem - whether it's volume, variety or velocity! 

Morning - The Core Modern Analytics Platform

In this first workshop, we want you to leave fully equipped to build a scalable, robust data platform that can support any analytical requirement. We’ll be providing an overview and practical demonstrations of:

  • Cloud Architectures & Approaches
  • Building and maintaining Azure Data Lakes
  • Facilitating & Orchestrating data flow using Azure Data Factory V2
  • Designing for performance with Azure SQLDW

These three key technologies will allow you to establish a platform on which many more analytical components can be added, and you will leave this session confident in taking this first step.

Afternoon - The Complete Modern Analytics Platform

The afternoon session will look at additional processing and integration components, enriching and augmenting the data you're collecting and curating:

  • Applying the Lambda Architecture with Stream Analytics
  • Serverless Orchestration with Logic Apps
  • Tackling Big Data using Azure Databricks
  • Reporting & Presentation Design Patterns in the Modern Analytics Platform

With these sessions combined, you'll have a firm understanding of all the technologies needed to build an end-to-end analytics platform in a modern, scalable manner. This knowledge, and the patterns we will cover, will equip you to design a solid foundation which will support a vast variety of data analytics solutions.


We will be looking at a lot of technologies from a high level and so a general familiarity with Azure & Data Analytics is recommended


About the trainer

Simon Whiteley

Data nerd, cloud herder, markitect & geek

Coming from a world of traditional BI structures, Simon's now obsessed with utilising cloud technologies to revolutionise these traditions. Does Kimball translate to a serverless lambda architecture? Does rapidly evolving data interaction change our approaches? Is what was right six months ago still right now?
You can find Simon on twitter