Dive into machine learning by writing R or Python code with Leila Etaati who has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Data Mining and Analtyics


This training is designed for data science, data analysis and who want to do machine learning by writing R or Python code. This course will start with some explanation of different machine learning algorithms and approaches. Then, some discussion on basic statistical analysis will be provided such as probability, factor analysis, hypothesis testing and so forth. Then the process of machine learning from business understanding, data cleaning, feature selection, model selection, split data for testing and training, evaluating the created model and finally developing and visual the trained model and analysing the result will be presented.

For predict analysis algorithms such as decision tree, boosted decision tree, decision forest will be explained. The concept and how they work will be explained. Then how to set parameters for each of them will be illustrated. Also, the process of data preparation for each of these algorithms will be discussed. Finally, the related code for writing this algorithm in the cloud will be explained. The same process will be done for the descriptive algorithms such as clustering and Market Basket Analysis.


If you want to follow along with the examples in the workshop you need to bring your own laptop and have the following tools installed. But please note that it is not required, as all the code and datasets will be shared with the attendees after the conference. The style of this workshop is more class-room then hands-on tutorials.
Tools: Power BI desktop and RStudio


About the trainer

Leila Etaati

Leila is a Artificial Intelligence Microsoft MVP, PhD, Trainer, and BI consultant. She is world well-known speaker in Machine Learning and Analytics topics, and spoke in world’s best international conferences in Data Platform topics, such as; Microsoft USA Ignite, Microsoft data Insight Summit, Microsoft NZ ignite, SQL PASS Summits, PASS Rally, SQL Nexus, SQL Saturdays and so on. She has more than 10 years’ experience in Data Mining and Analytics. She writes blog posts in RADACAD and also publishes YouTube videos in our channel. She also is an invited lecturer in universities such as University of Auckland, and Unitec, and some other universities. She worked in many industries including banking financial, power and utility, manufacturing, tourism, and so on.
You can find Leila on twitter https://twitter.com/leila_etaati