This year the conference will kick-off with 7 different 1-day workshops on April 8th. All attendees can choose to buy access to one of these 7 workshops as part of paying a conference ticket, as the workshop attendance is exclusive to people participating in the Intelligent Cloud Conference.

If you want to dive deeper into a specific topic then these workshops are a great opportunity to do so.

The 7 workshops are divided between the two main areas of Azure Cloud and Data Platform with 3 workshops available within each of these two areas.

When buying your conference ticket you can choose to participate in one of these workshops at an affordable price only available to conference attendees. You can choose to change the name of the person attending the workshop should you want to pass the spot to a colleague.

Please note that all workshops will take place at the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center on April 8th from 09:00 - 17:00.

Securing and Managing your Azure Subscription with Orin Thomas

In this pre-conference day long workshop, you’ll learn all about how to secure your Azure subscriptions, from how to lock down Azure networks, administration, infrastructure and compute as well as how to detect what you’ve missed as well as respond to threats and incidents.
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Microsoft Automation Tools for Azure Infrastructure with Aleksandar Nikolić

After completion of this course you will have a solid understanding of how to automate provisioning and management of Windows and Linux VMs, set up networking, and manage virtual machine storage using different Microsoft automation tools.
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SOLD OUT - Monitoring Solutions in Azure with Magnus Mårtensson

There is only one thing you need to focus on in Azure in order to become a real Azure Wizard when it comes to Monitoring Solutions in the Azure Cloud! All your Cloud Application monitoring needs are collected in a service called Azure Monitor.
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SOLD OUT - AI and Advanced Analytics with Leila Etaati

This training is designed for data science, data analysis and who want to do machine learning by writing R or Python code. A unique opportunity to learn from Lelia Etaati.
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SOLD OUT - Definitive Power BI Architecture with Reza Rad

This training is designed for data architect or administrator, who is designing the architecture of leveraging Power BI in a solution. Someone who wants to understand how all components of Power BI are sitting beside each other to build the whole solution. This training is designed for understanding the strategy of using Power BI rather than the development of it.
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SOLD OUT - Modern Data Warehouse with Simon Whiteley

The number of data & analytics components available in Azure has exploded over the past couple of years - understanding which components should be in your toolbelt and what part each plays can be a daunting task, especially given the speed technology is advancing at. However, if you want to meet the challenges of the growing data landscape, you have to adopt distributed cloud architectures!
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