Intelligent Cloud Conference


May 29-30

Cinema in Field's

Arne Jacobsens Allé 12


500 attendees


50+ Speakers

Microsoft - event sponsor

Community Event

In the evening after the conference first day (Tuesday 29th), you can join the Community Night.

All conference attendees are invited to stay for the community evening event, which starts at 17:30 with dinner served in the Expo area. From 18:30 until 20:30 we are doing 3 community tracks: Azure, Business Intelligence and SQL / Database. All conference attendees will receive an email with information about how to register for this evening event and the community track of choice.

At 21:00 we will be showing the new Han Solo: A Star Wars Story movie for everyone who wants to stick around.

The Azure community track features the talk "Architecture Battle: PaaS vs. FaaS"  by Edwige Seminara and Estelle Auberix. After a short break there will be various demos related to Azure featuring Tom Kerkhove on "using to provide autoscaling pods on Kubernetes based on Azure Monitor", Karl Ots with "Secure DevOps Kit for Azure (AzSK)", Aleksandar Nikolic talking about "changes in Azure Automation service (Update management, Change tracking) and how to get related logs from Log Analytics" and Poul K. Sørensen with "Azure Service Fabric Gateway".

The Business Intelligence community track is not like an ordinary community meeting with regular session. It’s an extended event with a massive amount of speakers and MVP’s on stage and involvement from the audience.

The first part of the meeting will focus on Business Intelligence in Azure with four lightning talks followed by an Q&A session. The topics are Lambda BI Architecture (Simon Whiteley), Analytics & AI (David Peter Hansen), Analysis Services (Daniel Otykier) and Power BI Embedded (Nimrod Shalit).

After a short break we will continue with the second part - a Power BI Shoot-out with demos from Chris Webb, Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen, Jens Vestergaard, Erik Svensen and Bent Nissen.The winner will be voted by a referee committee and the audience.

The SQL community track features two talks - first "The latest Azure SQL intelligent database technologies" by Danimir Ljepava and after a short break "SQL Server hates you(?) - what the DBAs never told the developers" by Alexander Arvidsson.

Community sign-ups

If you are not attending the conference, but are part of one or more of the above mentioned local communities you can sign-up to attend one of the 3 tracks in the evening. Please note that seating is very limited for this evening event, so its first-come, first-serve. Check-out for registration (please note that the community registration is for the evening event only).


Intelligent Cloud Conference is a Community event organized and supported by:

Meet and learn about the Communities in the Community Zone at the conference. In the Zone you will also find speakers who can answer your questions in their expertise areas.