Annual technology conference focusing on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and Data Platform with Precon April 8th and Conference April 9-10th. The conference is driven by the local Azure, Data and SQL communities with support from Microsoft Denmark.

The Conference aims to cover the Azure Cloud and Data Platform stack ranging from the vast amount of Azure IaaS, PaaS and Serverless Services, Visualization and Analytics Tools such as Power BI, Data Platform services such as SQL Server, Data Warehouse, Data Factory, Data Bricks as well as connected technologies such as Azure IoT, Machine Learning and Cognitive Services.

Whether your business is born in the Cloud or you are just getting started there should be something that is relevant to you in your Azure Cloud and/or Data Platform Journey.

As part of selecting talks and speakers we have made the following "categories" available as tags that can be selected for each talk. A talk can cover one or more of these tags, and the program group is committed to selecting talks that cater to developers, architects, it-pros and data professionals, as well as finding talks that joins interest for these traditional Titles - like with DevOps, DevSecOps, and Data in the Cloud aimed at both developers and data professionals.

Everyday AI

  • AI, Advanced Analytics, Cognitive Services, Databricks, Machine Learning, Data Science, Chatbots

Data Platform

  • Big Data, Data Warehouse, Data Lake Storage, CosmosDB, SQL Server, HDInsight

Business Intelligence

  • Everything BI, Analysis Services, Data Factory, Power BI

Cloud in the Enterprise

  • Governance, Cost Management, Policies, Management in an Enterprise Setting, Azure Blueprints

Cloud Management

  • Cloud Operations/Management, Automation, Backups, Security, Monitoring, Logging


  • Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Event Grid, Messaging, App Services, Service Fabric Mesh

Cloud Native / Containers

  • Kubernetes, Docker, Monitoring and Management, Container Instances, Container Registry, Service Fabric


  • Azure DevOps, Practices, and DevOps related to Azure and/or Data Platform Services

IoT & Streaming Data

  • Azure IoT Services, IoT Edge and Real-World Solutions, Data Streaming and Messaging

Identity & Security

  • Everything about Azure AD and Cloud Security

Customer Story

  • Real-world solutions and use cases of Azure and/or Data Platform


The Intelligent Cloud Conference aims to go beyond level 100 talks, which is why the list of speakers will be composed of people from Microsoft's various product groups (the people who actually develop the products we use), Microsoft MVPs (experts within certain of the above mentioned areas) and subject matter expects who are people that might have spent the past 6-12 months working on a project that can inspire owners and their solutions, as well as provide valuable insights gained from this experience (ie. a Customer Story).